Command & Joint Forces Training System

Joint Forces


In the modern battle theatre, the effective command of joint forces is becoming increasingly vital.

Interoperability from the command level down is a key component of mission success, and it is not enough that the units on the ground are trained to a high degree of skill – their commanders must also ensure mutual support to achieve peak effectiveness. To this end, training systems are needed that will allow flexible training for multiple levels of senior command personnel. The Command & Joint Forces Training System (CJFTS) provides an efficient, flexible, and highly realistic method for improving and assessing the effectiveness of commanders, without the risk of loss of personnel or material, and other costs of live exercises.

Training commanders in a highly detailed simulated scenario provides an opportunity to hone skills related to validation of deployment orders and battle plans, assessment of overall strategy and tactical approaches, effective communication between multiple levels of command, appropriate and efficient reaction to unexpected enemy manoeuvres and tactics, changes to battle conditions, and effective decision making under pressure. The CJFTS is designed to seamlessly interact with other trainers, allowing naval, air and ground assets to participate in training scenarios.