Helicopter Simulator

Air Force, Armed Forces, Naval Forces

The Helicopter Simulator is an integral part of any military training system, providing versatile training for naval and air support.

The helicopter simulators consists of a replica helicopter airframe with a replica cockpit. Surrounding the replica airframe is a domed display to provide the out-the-window view. The controls of the replica cockpit has the look and feel of an actual aircraft to allow the pilot and co-pilot to train in an environment  that is as close to the actual aircraft as possible, while reducing the costs and risks associated with use of the actual aircraft. The pilot and co-pilot can also perform equipment checks and initiate the engine start-up procedures to power the cockpit.

With the cockpit powered, the pilot and co-pilot can freely interact with the replicated cockpit hardware to become familiar with the location and operation of the cockpit equipment, before stepping into the actual helicopter. In addition to training of the pilot and co-pilot in normal take-off, landing and flight conditions, the instructors can inject malfunctions to train the pilot under abnormal and emergency conditions.