F-16 Full Mission Simulator

Air Force


Air supremacy has become an increasingly key factor in military campaigns.

The air power afforded by the F-16 fighter jet is a critical component for operational readiness of the Armed Forces. The F-16 Mission Trainer provides the necessary training to enhance pilot effectiveness with a completely immersive training environment. Each F-16 Mission Trainer is a fully replicated single-seat cockpit with dome visuals to provide the pilot an environment as close to the real F-16 cockpit as possible.

Multiple F-16 Mission Trainers can be linked into the same interactive scenario to train tactical team coordination, or they can be on opposing forces to engage in a virtual dog fight. Additionally, tactical team training can be expanded by connecting an F-16 Mission Trainer to another tactical trainer through DIS or HLA.


The F-16 Mission Trainer can also be used for cockpit procedure training, as the layout of the replicated cockpit seat, control panels, and cockpit structure is spatially correct. The pilot can also perform equipment checks, start the engine and power the cockpit. With the cockpit powered, the pilot can freely interact with the replicated cockpit hardware to familiarize himself with the location and operation of the equipment before stepping into the actual aircraft.