C-295 Airborne, Early Warning, Maritime Patrol Sensors, & FFS Simulators

Air Force


With 6 customizable integrated consoles reflecting the real aircraft, the CASA C-295 training simulator allows realistic and precise experience in areas such as Aerial Tactical and Airborne Early Warning and Command (AEW&C).

The C-295 trainer offers the same level of situational awareness as the real aircraft, allowing the student to respond in real time during the training session. The simulated sensor systems onboard the aircraft include search radar, forward-looking infrared (FLIR), ESM/ELINT, optical detections, Data Link Systems, and more.

Combining the high-level replication of the aircraft and its capabilities, the C-295 simulator offers real-time operations and responses to customizable aerial situations and combat. One of the specialties of the CASA C-295 is its new 4th generation AESA AEW&C. The trainer replicates all its specific capabilities, including the full 360º sensor coverage, fast rotodome radar, the Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS), SIGINT capabilities, and SAR/GMTI Multi-Mode Radar option.