Large-scale mission operation and joint training exercises

Command of joint forces is a critical component of success in armed conflict. Amel Defense has developed a Command and Joint Forces Simulator that allows the command-level trainees to execute plans and assess the success of the plans through the use of automated forces. DIS/HLA protocols allows for command and communication with other training simulators to increase the level of realism.

This innovative training solution allows for realistic coordination of Air Force, Air Defense, Ground Forces, and Navy teams together in a single synthetic environment, as well as man-in-the-loop training. Training of command skills in a simulated environment supports discussions regarding topics such as troop movement, battle plans, and defense asset placement.

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Command and train all types of military in joint training exercises

Our Joint Forces Training system is designed to be flexible to allow for training of multiple levels of senior command personnel. All interactions with the system, including communications, are recorded to support an extensive after action debrief in the same training room. Our system allows for:

  • Real-time communications
  • Data collection (assets, events, intelligence, ... etc.)
  • Validation of deployment orders and 
battle plans
  • Assessment of strategy & tactical approach
  • Effective communication between multiple levels of command
  • Appropriate & efficient reaction to unexpected enemy actions
  • Effective decision-making processes under pressure
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