Naval Warfare Training System (NWTS)

Naval Forces

The Naval Warfare Training System (NWTS) is designed to provide realistic naval warfare training to naval officers and ship crews.

sim-nwts-3The system supports procedural, tactical and operator training for naval warfare courses in all spheres of warfare by simulating multi-threat training scenarios; supporting the preparation, management, execution and debrief of training. The system is also interoperable with other simulators through the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High-Level Architecture (HLA) protocols.

The NWTS contains a variety of simulators such as the Combat Information Center (CIC), Helicopter Simulator and Generic Full Mission Bridges (FMB). The simulated stations within the CIC have both generic and specific versions. Each Helicopter simulator has a pilot and co-pilot station to support the training of coordination between the CIC and the helicopter crew in operations such as air-sea rescue, scouting, approach, landing, and take-off from the ship. The FMBs provide bridge crews training in operations such as ship control, navigation, collision avoidance, communications, and vessel identification.