Providing training solutions for marines, warship and submarine crews

Amel Defense has pioneered the development and advancement of large scale naval tactical team training through simulation. With our broad experience in the industry, we have the capability to satisfy all naval training requirements for both teams and individuals in all spheres of warfare. Our trainers provide suitably representative     multi-threat training scenarios, and support the preparation, management, execution, and debrief of training.

Through a combination of continuous and emergent innovation, Amel Defense has increased its naval training capabilities to include the replication of specific operator stations, allowing the trainee to gain familiarity with the operation of their station, and providing valuable experience that directly translates to the specific equipment they will use on the job. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the environment and tools required to train the modern naval officer.

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Operational and tactical full crew training for all forms of naval exercises

Amel Defense can provide large-scale battle group, tactical team, and individual operator training for a broad range of warships and submarines, including the FREMM Class Frigate FF, Gowind 2500 Class Corvette, Mistral Class LHD, and many more. Some trainers include:

• Full Mission Bridge Trainer
• Maritime Operations Training (MIO)
• Naval Tactical Team Trainer (NTTT)
• Generic Warfare Training System (GWTS)
• Submarine Warfare Trainer (SWT)
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